For all of those who came here to give us a better life…


I hope this is the beginning a of a wonderful friendship. If you have an upcoming event, a business, a story you’d like to share, a product you’d like people to know about and would be of particular interest to the Italian American Community, please contact me at:   I will be happy to include it in an upcoming Blog.

If you like, please click on this link to find my e-book: Scopa, The Cermak Hit.

This e-book is my gift to you and will serve as an introduction to my writing, which I think of as investigative fiction.

This story is based on an actual event, the execution of Guiseppe Zangara, who was fried in the electric chair for supposedly trying to assassinate President  Elect Franklin Roosevelt. I was able to get my hands on former classified documents and compared them to what people were told in the newspapers. Here is just a little taste. The guy who got shot that night was the Mayor of Chicago, Anton Cermak. Cermak, also a Democratic, had opposed the nomination of Roosevelt at the convention, which was held in Chicago.

Cermak made his money in gambling and was against Prohibition. Remember Prohibition was a huge income stream for other members of Organized Crime and Cermak wanted to eliminate the competition. He actually paid two Chicago Police Officers to assassinate Frank Nitti, who was running things because Al Capone was in prison. The attempt failed. There was a trail. Nitti was found ‘innocent’. The policemen were fined. Later: they turned up dead.

My story takes place on a Sunday, after dinner. My detective, Angelo Di Carini, (see Angelo and Maria an Italian American Love Story) and his father are talking about the shooting.

Scopa means to sweep. Angelo and his father believe the truth is being swept under the rug. Their thoughts are my thoughts about what actually happened and why. The real players, in my opinion, stayed in the shadows.

I thought it would be interesting for you to learn how to play Scopa. The second part of the book includes a study on this great Italian card game. You will learn the rules, scoring, basic and advanced strategy.

For other Italian card games like Briscola, Tresette, and Sette e Mezzo see my e book Gioca Te!

In addition to my writing I am a professional magician. I’ve called upon my knowledge of gaming techniques and devised a system of communicating to your Briscola partner what cards you hold. This system is based on natural postures of the hands and is found in Gioca Te!

In upcoming Blogs I’ll include some performance video’s.

That’s it for now, my next blog will tell you more about Angelo and Maria an Italian American Love Story

a presto!














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